Simplan Infrastructure...

The development center is located in the heart of the district in Namakkal in an independent office building with 2500 sq. ft. of A-Grade office space The Office is open 12-hours, but 24 -hours has dedicated security, multiple redundant communications, Internet and power facilities ensuring uninterrupted operations and the highest uptime.

Staff facilities at their center include recreational activities, canteen, meeting, conference and training areas again providing the excellent Company Infrastructure that Iqura possesses.

The office has a 100-mbit Fast Ethernet switch-based network as well as a secured Wi-Fi network. Development workstations of Pentium IV class and above with minimum 4 GB RAM ensure high productivity levels.

Data and Information is protected through a Firewall, Active-Directory group policies and selective network access. They also have client-specific secure VPN connections where access to their infrastructure requires such a setup. The development center is connected to their Internet servers hosted in a world-class server farm in Dallas, Texas from where we run our email servers and other hosted applications.

Their internal management Intranet ensures that all processes are automated and all employees follow a process-driven approach with regard to aspects like time sheets, defect management, etc. Their project management system is hosted and accessible to clients for continuous review and monitoring of status.

Simplan's facilities provide an ideal and exclusive environment for creative and skilled professionals engaged in software development activities. Scientifically designed and fully networked, the workspace is complete with all support services and amenities. With the best software and hardware environments coupled with state-of-the-art communication facilities, the centers are fully equipped to work as virtual extensions of clients' environment, providing 24x7 services

Infrastructure enables the delivery of business value:

Becoming an On Demand Business-a business capable of sustained, continuous innovation-requires change across multiple areas. A company must be able to transform its business model and processes in order to create an environment where innovation becomes the norm.

At the same time, a company must be able to develop, evolve and maintain an infrastructure that meets the needs of the new business model, but has the flexibility to support the continuing business evolution in response to customer needs. In other words, the Company Infrastructure must enable the delivery of business value, now and in the future.