Simplan Framework...


Authentication function
Administrative functions,
Customer information management capabilities.
Query function.
Newsletter distribution function.
News Features.
Product information management capabilities,
Question management functions.
Mail delivery management capabilities,
CMS features,
Features RSS feeds,
Calendar management feature.

Simplan Framework is a framework that is implemented in PHP. Has been built taking into account the long-accumulated know-how and technology to build Web applications sleet.

Simplan Framework is provided at no charge.

Simplan Module is a Group

Simplan Module group is a set of modules that are built based on the Simplan Framework. Modules are easily added to the system is a functional unit, whose function can delete a single unit. The Simplan Framework is to ensure optimum functionality by simply changing the module without having to recalibrate the whole system has the capabilities to incorporate the module in advance. Then, the modules have been characterized that statement as well as incidental to the design and detailed design document has been designed to be configured to accommodate various needs of the module is easily customized.

Package has been implemented Simplan

Group and only Simplan Module Simplan Framework is implemented as a function of operational systems is difficult. Therefore, can be easily introduced, to take advantage of our high quality low cost system has been packaged in a form that can be implemented as an operational business systems analysis. Package List

Hotel Reservation System
Facilities Reservation System
File transfer management system
Partly completed as soon as the package does not currently realize ※, the report at any time.